Friday, October 9, 2015

All Of Us

I have missed you guys.

My heart has been in a huge tug of war game, it has been crazy. Every day I am back and forth with just about everything. Am I making the right decisions? Am I really in God's will? Does he have this for me or is this just my flesh? That and then everything else that goes on through my day.
The biggest thing that’s been going crazy in there is how I feel about where our culture and society is today with this whole calling thing- being on mission- meeting you goals- dreaming big, etc.

Now let me just say this first. I absolutely totally know and believe that there is a beautiful and incredible journey that God has for each and every one of us. That he has given us all a purpose. I don't want this to sound and be  a "self-help" Gods Got something big for you post. But I am going to talk about what He has for you, and for the all of us through His story.

God didn’t just say "only a few of you will have a calling". He didn't just call out the "Creatives and the bloggers" the business owners and the speakers. He called us ALL to do this thing. Here it is-
To be his Disciple.

What?! Yup. That's it. Not as glamourous as you imagined it to be? Let me please tell you that it is, sweet sis. That is brings more joy, peace, and goodness than anything else.

We are totally consumed right now with being a "someone" and doing "something". This culture is stuck in a crazy idea that we have to get to something or do something to see what God has for us. Not true sisters. His desire for his people has always been to live life in His Love, Grace, and Freedom so that we are then able to be his hands in feet through whatever we do. I so badly want to scream from the top of my lungs that- You my friend are not purposeless.

Let’s look back to the beginning of your story. What has God been doing since day one in you? What has he deposited in your heart through your journey? From day one he has been the redeemer of everything, and he knew that your story and journey would be another redemption song.
Your redemption song is story and your testimony. Whatever you are going through now is not just for you but for someone else. And that is part of what your mission on here is- to tell of His goodness in that. 

Sisters, he will spur things in us. Dreams, visions, and desires for His Glory. This is all true- But what He doesn't want us to do, is to pull and tug at everything we see to try and fill a void that only he can fill.

 He wants you to live fully in Him. And with that comes seeing that you are living a life to glorify Him in all that you do.

Everything that we say and do, sisters is part of living a life on purpose. If what he asked us to do is to be his disciples- then the everyday, the small things, are just as big as the ones that you aspire to do.

Continue to dream big, but dream big for Him, and whatever comes from that, is just pure goodness. HE makes us come alive. And when we are Alive in Him, we are never living empty and without purpose.

Love you, sister friend.


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