Saturday, February 28, 2015

What do you do? 5 Things that Help Me out.

My Goodness!
There wasn't enough coffee for today- Or Any day.
Ok, so it has been over a week sense my last post. I guess I’ve been trying to figure it all out. Why do I blog? What in the world am I doing? Do I even have time for this? Is this my first ministry? 

 A conversation with one of my sisters just confirmed so much that I have been dealing and struggling with. My brain is constantly moving and going, and I find it so hard to find time and energy to make everything in my brain happen. How God do you want to do you everything that is in me to do, and cook dinner? Where will I find time to serve, be in ministry, put my family first, and then every other thing that I need to do? 
Lord, Can I please have like 4 more hours in the day? 
Oh, and can you please make me not tired anymore? 

(Don't mind our friend "Jeff" in the back)

I have been praying about this, like for real.
 Have I been called to do all of this? Is this my flesh? Is it my heart’s desire?
Besides being a wife, and a mother, is there anything else that I have a fire and a longing to do? And If so, Am I just too afraid to admit it?

All of us have that something that we love to do, and its finding out what that is, and seeing how it can glorify the kingdom of God, and bring people to the cross. 
That. Is. It.

I have had to figure out a schedule for things. Be super intentional about what I do, and when I do it. It is about taking steps of faith, walking in grace and mercy, and being brave enough because of him to do things that you know you have been called to do. On certain days I serve for my church, other days I go to school- I log on to instagram- and blog.- and now I have added Encounter to the weekly schedule of life. haha!
I also have to fit time in to have my daily needed Jesus time, which is what this ALL is about, right?
 Our fuel, our father, it’s a necessity, not just something that we can skip over and not do. This needs to be the very 1st thing we do.

Now, here is the thing. Getting away and having time to do this seems to be the hardest thing for us to do. Whether you are a stay at home mom- or you work full time, it is HARD!
God doesn't want anything fancy, even if it’s just when you are in the bathroom, even if its just 5 minutes of you telling him how much you need him, and if that's all you can get in that day, then that is it. The thing he wants the most is our love and time. He wants us to grow in relationship with him, he wants us to know that he is there to love on us, and comfort us. 

So, if it takes you being super intentional about waking up 20 minutes earlier than usual, and making that time happen, then do it! If you know that you are able to stay awake a little later at night, or turn the TV off/ Internet off and do some Jesus time, then let’s do it! 

Some other things that have helped me out:
  1. Having a small calendar to make sure that I can SEE everything I need to do. My mind gets really clouded and messy when it is not on paper, so this is a must for me.
  2. Making the time that I have count.
  3. I have allowed myself to stop thinking about what I CAN'T do, and let Jesus tell me what I CAN to do. 
  4. I have surrounded myself with people that get it. Even if it’s just one friend, do it. Make sure that someone else around you is encouraging you to be intentional. I call it, being "Mission" minded. This is not a bad thing you guys. Being mission minded is kingdom that is what Jesus was on earth for, he came to complete a mission, to save us all. Now, we are on a mission for the kingdom.
  5. Give yourself a break- cut yourself some slack. Some or a lot of what you want to get done might not happen- And that's ok! This is just to help you organize your mind and re-prioritize.

We are all able to do it, it has to be through HIM though. There is no way that I could do what I do without him. Last month I didn't think any of this was possible, and my pity parties were SO real!! Haha! (They may still occur once a week) and I may quite just in general every, 2 hours. None of this makes you bullet proof, but with standing on God’s grace and mercy, it’s all possible. 

Love you ladies,
Be encouraged. He is with us. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, let him consume you so that you can be overwhelmed by him. He will give you peace.

You Rock.



  1. Absolutely feel this post 100%!! God bless you and I can't wait to see what God has in store!!!!!

  2. "I have allowed myself to stop thinking about what I CAN'T do, and let Jesus tell me what I CAN to do." YES & AMEN! This was such a good post for me to read! I was actually coming on here to shoot you an email, and I read this post and the entire time was thinking could we be any more in the same season?! I am trying to figure out where my balance & priorities stand between being a wife, a mom, a kid's minister who has to fill hours at home, then this little blog of mine...and then there is taking care of my house, making time for Jesus, and everything else! It really does get hard and I am not sure I have it even close to be figured out yet. I did however sign up for Christine Caine's email devos and they are SUPER short. So if I pick up my phone in the morning and check that email, even if that's all I can do all day, I am able to dwell on the words that I read that morning. It's not ideal - but it's something and it's feeding myself!