Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Confession

Hey Ladies! So I decided to just make my true-confessions a part of my blog. So every Friday I will post some ridiculous confession. Or maybe normal to you all. Haha!

"True Confessions" 

 There are so many things that as women and mothers we deal with and do, that its nice to sometimes see that you aren't alone!

There's no Better way to deal with it, than seeing another crazy mom and women who is right there in your boat.

Funny, Real, Authentic truth.

My confession for today- 02/13/2015
I am super tired and really excited that my children are at my mother in laws.
- and I am thankful. 
It is hard to be thankful and faithful when things just don't look the way you want them too. 

I truly wish I could blog more-  But at the place I am at in my life, once a week seems like the perfect recipe. But I can't lie to you and tell you that I don't wish It was more.

My First "True Confessions Post" was on 01/16/2015
True Confessions Fridays begin. So you know that feeling you get when you feel like someone is totally ignoring you on purpose? And you get all worried and feel like its totally something that you did? Well, I have a serious problem with feeling like that.

  1. My First true confession. I  fight and struggle with depression and anxiety. It is something that has always tried to attack me and take me down. But, I stand on the truth that the enemy has no place in my life, and he is defeated.
  2. My second confession is that I am a lot of times very insecure about myself and who I am, but I have learned to fight that and know that my identity is found in him, Jesus Christ. 
  3. I have some serious trust issues, and having children has made me realize that.
  4. My 4th confession and truth is that I am a broken vessel, being made whole through him. I am on a journey with Jesus, and I use every once of Grace that he gives me. Thank God that his Grace is never ending right?
  5. I sometimes cry at everything, haha! I am serious though. I cry, and I have to pencil in time to shave my legs. 

I pray that you feel free and encouraged here. You are not alone. We are in this together. I will be updating this page pretty often with some new confessions and trials.  

And more laughing and crying.


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