Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Voice

So much running through my head this morning. Well, every morning, haha! Let me start with this.

 Church this morning (like every Sunday morning) just humbled me and moved me back to the real truth and center of life, what really matters. 

My pastor started a new series called "Together with One Voice". 
Completely amazing. TRUTH.

What would happen if we all, different ages, color, and background would come together, with all of our brokenness, to love on one another, and preach the gospel together? What if we finally stood up to make a difference? It starts with killing our ignorance, dying to our flesh, being humble, and listening to Gods word. To bring Glory to him.

Well, our church and my family are doing this today, and  fighting for it every day. 
This is a movement. Will you join us?

All of us want to find something to fill that empty void, to heal the brokenness, and in the middle of all of that, we are all in the middle of a fight and struggle with each other. Crazy. there is no unity, no togetherness, no authenticity. 

I have been in a place of isolation for a while, withdrew my self from everyone I knew from high school, and family. I feel like I needed to do this, to purge my self from my own issues and struggles, to grow up. Doing this, separating my self at such a young age was hard. I didn't understand what was happening, but all I knew is that I was different, I had had en encounter with Jesus, and I was never the same, EVER again. I needed to get to a place where I only looked to God for my answers and  love, something that I never did through out my life, and used the world as a way to make me feel accepted and loved.

 I use my failures and old ways as my testimony for others, to show them what our Jesus is all bout. We are all born into sin, we are all broken, not perfect, with issues. Humble yourself and know that we are here only for Gods glory and to point more people to him, through our actions.

I wanted to have people who were on the same page as me, I needed to be with community, but also needed to grow. And I have been in that place for a while. I feel like I am now at a place where I am ready to move on the things that have been on my heart to do. To be a Voice for Him.

 One of the biggest problems that we all face is jealousy, comparison, and staying in our comfort zone. All of these things go hand in had with each other. These are all walls that the enemy has set up for us and traps for us to walk into. And we have, But GOD is greater than anything and stronger than anything, so those walls and chains to him are nothing. He can and will tear them down.

For me, this journey of being a Christ Follower has shown me so much more about my self,
 and its supposed to do that, 
so that you can no longer stay where you were once at. 
I am a good example of a trophy of Grace. I boast in God's amazing Grace, Love, and the story of redemption that he made available to me. He is able!

Family, I love you. I love your heart, and I know you are hungry for Him, as I am for him. I want us to be one voice, united, community, Love. HUMBLE.

I pray that we fight for a new mind, that God over takes us with HIS wisdom and understanding. I pray that we change the way we think, that we fight for the TRUTH, that we read the bible and allow the truth the penetrate our hearts and mind. I pray that any spirit of pride and anger be cast out, and that we become consumed only with what is in Jesus. I will be reading the book of Romans this month. Join me if you'd like :)

I want to pray for you, I want to be there for you. Shoot me an email, or leave a comment. 

We are one voice, lets show the world that his church is united. Lets change this generation. 


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