Friday, January 30, 2015

In The Stillness.

So the past few days have been very interesting. That place where you are in a stand still, trying to listen and figure out where to go from there? That has been me. I am have these amazing and pretty funny conversations with Jesus about my life.

I know that it is a never ending growth of love and wisdom from him. And that in every stage and are of our lives there will be hurt and growing pains. But how do we deal with that? How do we overcome the things that we can't understand. Everyone goes through stillness, and not being able to hear from him. Be encouraged, his is working on you and in your favor.

I don't have an answer except Jesus. I know how the enemy works, its in seasons. Whenever their is growth around, there are trials to follow them. Its like having to past a test before you can move on to the next level with him. Gods ultimate Goal is for us to be his hands and feet ,we are his disciples. That is crazy y'all. We are his tools here on earth. A conversation last night with a friend wrecked me in a great way. Encouraged me so much, and re-lit a fire in me to continue to fight for what he wants for us. 

I know that everyone has something amazing to do for him. Amazing may not mean to be famous,our rich, it may mean that he is using you as the tool for your families salvation, the tool for your friends. We are his hands and feet. Wow.

I am on a mission to encourage women to be authentic, show their brokenness, and to live life fully. Our first Encounter meeting is going to be about Freedom. What does is mean when God says that we are free indeed? That where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom? Life is hard you guys, we are all tired, and we all need him the same way. Love on someone today, encourage them, be real, and be authentic.

Feel him in the stillness. He is Good. He is our comforter.

I love y'all. And as always, You Rock. Seriously.


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