Monday, December 8, 2014

He Loves Us.

You know what? I am tired of the enemy taking what is rightfully mine. I am tired of living like I am not kingdom. I love that Life is full of messes, because that is where we get our testimonies from. But I hate how it feels. I told one of my friends that Mario and I at one point could have been called "the jobs of this generation". Haha! I think a lot of us feel this way. Broken, confused, dismayed, and lost.

I will tell you that I struggle daily to feel like my life matters. That is the truth. I fight for my life and fight for my family. The enemy has it out for us, especially if you are walking towards greatness. My pastor has said that if all is too well, and there is nothing "ruffling" your feathers, then you are pushing hard enough. This brings peace to me. In a storm, I know that I am fighting for his glory to shine down on us. 

Our day to day should be us ripping out the darkest parts of our hearts, the parts that we don’t want anyone to see. That secret place that no one is allowed to come into. The anger, jealousy, pain, lies, hurt, greed, pride, all of those things that break his heart.

I want to be a walking build board about Jesus and his work. Gods love is so powerful that it overtakes anything in you that you want gone. His love is strong enough to heal.

I want to remember that my life is worship. That’s intense y'all. Everything we do should be for his glory. That brings me to my knees in guilt. I am sorry Jesus for not living a life that is fully for your glory. I want us all to be open and ready for God to come in and do a work in us.

See, we have to be willing and ready to grow. We have to be at a place of hunger.

Women, be encouraged and know that we are not here in vain. Please know that he loves us. He loves our stories. He wrote them! See, once we allowed him into our lives, he took over, and made everything that was meant for evil into good. We are his. We are Chosen. We are kingdom.

He loves me. I need to just breathe. He's got me, all of me.

Love you, and You Rock.


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