Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Farm and Pumpkins- The Mandatory Saturday

Saturdays! I love me some Saturdays you guys. You know how crazy and messy life can get, so a designated Saturday is a must. We decided that this Saturday would be it, definitely an important one though. 

We packed up the littles, and went to see the "Moos" and the "Putkins"! Leilla and Kingston couldn't believe their eyes, a real life cow.

 I was feeling like the greatest mom in the world, Ha!! Leilla did point out the smell while Kih tried to run and basically hang out with the animals one on one :)  

Y’all know it's the little things. Well, that day was filled with an abundance of overwhelming love and peace. 

It was not only refreshing, but we honestly felt like it was a much needed mini-vaca.  God wants us to step back, and look at his wonder, his day to day blessings. We got to do that on Saturday, with his Grace.


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