Monday, October 20, 2014

Park Action

-The Park!

Filled with children who see this as their vacation- laughing, crying, running, falling, twirling, and whatever else you have seen happen there. 

 Pre- Mommy I knew I was going to be a little protective of my kiddos. I was "that" mom in the making, haha! Ok, so not really, but I did know that I needed to be careful with my “I would beat up a kid" emotions, 
(don't pretend like you haven't felt that!! :) ) 

Anyway, today I saw Leilla process some emotions that I never wanted her to experience, but that I knew were inevitable, a little girl said she did not want to play with her....AHH!!! What? Your 5, she's 2! Be Nice! (Crazy mom here talkin' by the way). 

I of course came to my senses within seconds of the "situation" and totally saw my daughter decide to let it slide off like Teflon.  I am sure she was hurt, but I also saw her overcome it, she slid it off like Teflon. She ended befriended a new little girl, and all was well with the world. 

It is so hard seeing your children grow and mature emotionally, I know that this is how God feels about us, his precious children. He wants us to know that it is Ok.

-Parenting advice #492, remember that your children have to learn some things for themselves, and that we have to allow them to do that.


(She was schemin' and or just being her sassy frass self in this picture.)

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