Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Love, The Light

I’ve been out y'all. So sorry! I have missed writing, and sharing my grace-full mess with you :)
Where to begin- Well, we were sick all last week, and the week before that was just nuts! We are finally on the mend. Happy to be back!

This time of year is hard for a lot of people. It brings up a lot of feelings and emotions. I can personally say that it has not always been easy, especially when I was consumed with the things of the world. 

My heart is heavy a lot for my generation. It is heavy because a lot of us are wasting our time basking in the old things, not fighting for joy. Fighting for joy means knowing that God loves you, and you have to know that every battle is a victory for our maker. Day to day, minute by minute, Choosing to love and to be a light.

 I have had many dark days in my life, my hunger and love has allowed me to fight for today. Everything good comes from our maker. Our light comes from him, even in the darkest of nights. He is our light. In a world where we are filled with darkness. A spirit of depression and of feeling alone. A spirit of "you are not good enough" and "it has to be perfect". All lies. And I believed them all for so long. 

I’m praying tonight for our hearts to live in his light. I pray that we get our everything from him, because he is the only one that matters. Him alone. He has rescued us. I am ransomed. I am forgiven. What are we living for? Are you living for his truth and love? Are you living a life of forgiveness? Easier said than done right? 

Well, know that HE has overcome, and because of that so can we.

I love you all,
And I pray and hope that today we can  hold to the truth of where our light comes from. That we are loved. He is your redeemer. Not your husband, not your children, not your family or friends, but him. 


P.S You Rock 

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