Sunday, October 19, 2014

Grace and Cookie Dough

I want to say that I overcame it, but I so did not. At some point today I decided that I needed to quit my job, and then I would become a better momma.

Well, don't worry, I didn't quit, but I did cry like a baby- I mean, I thought to myself, "will this mommy guilt ever go away?" I continued to argue with myself like I typically do on Mondays, and came to the end of the argument with myself when I decided to stop, and asked Jesus to overwhelm me with his love and his Grace.

  I have stopped asking him for patience, and have started asking him for Understanding and for him to overwhelm me with him and to replace my overwhelmed carnal soul. I came home 30% of a new person, somewhat renewed, and ready for my main Job, the husband and the little’s.  God tends to remind of what my real job is, and how I totally need to focus on them first.

I will say that I ended up doing some homework, and eating some intentionally thawed out cookie dough. It was a Good end to a Monday Y’all. 


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