Tuesday, October 21, 2014

He Is Sovereign.

We tend to react better to Tuesdays than Mondays right? We have processed that this is all really real again, and that we better get it together because we still have 3 days to go before the weekend. We ask God for strength, and keep it moving. 

But we are still feeling drained and exhausted. We know that we have a million things on our list' and have maybe checking off 2 1/2 of them right? 

Haha, yes, right. Well- today was very different for me. I decided to take a mental health day. Yeah I went to work, and had to do my first Job as a Mom and a Wife, but I was at a point where I needed to let God be God. I go through phases where I forget that I can't do this by myself, and that he is waiting for us to surrender. I was reminded that God is Sovereign, that he is control of my life, my husband my littles, and me. 

He is jealous for us, like we are for our littles. He see's trouble ahead and tries to keep us from it. His heart breaks when our hearts break.

I just Love him.  Seriously, every day is another trophy for us to show how grace has covered us. 

He knows us, he understands us.  He is there to refill us when we are in need.


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