Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blah-ness Vs. His Plan

So its been a few days, sorry y'all. School work was pretty heavy and God was working on some things that were weighing heavy on me. I have to tell you all about how God moved this weekend in my life. I have seen and heard some pretty amazing and indescribable things that God Has done, but I needed a reminder from him. 

Over the weekend, we got invited to a Worship night where some of Mario's friends were playing. Let me tell you- It was totally overwhelming and AMAZING. God seriously shook me in a way that he hasn't done in a while. 
My family and I have been in a period of growth- which many times means trial, I promise you we have been like some modern day Jobs, so we are so ready to see how God is going to blow our minds. 

Anyway, God spoke to me, LOUD and CLEAR. I have been pretty fired up and hungry to do God's work, but have gotten to a point of what I call "Blah-ness". Here is the thing, we are all called for something, something that is supposed to glorify him and fill our hearts all at the same time! 

Women of God, WE ARE POWERFUL! WE ARE ANOINTED! WE HAVE A CALLING! Our lives should be our worship, our Jobs are our battlefields.  I am so excited to continue God's work. I am excited to fight for us, for our generation of women. Let's show our family and our littles the truth.

-My pastor said that there is no way our faith can grow in comfort.  Let's gets uncomfortable, lets not settle for mediocre.

Your Destiny is too importnant to stop now..



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